Al-Fiqh Al-Islami

What is Islamic Fiqh?

Fiqh is Islamic jurisprudence.

Islamic law which is called Sharia in Arabic covers all aspects of Muslim in relation to individuals, societies and states.  Sharia derives from four sources through which we know Allah’s will.  These four sources are:

  • Quran
  • Sunnah
  • Ijma
  • Qiya

While Sharia represents divine law, Fiqh is the human understanding of the Sharia.  Fiqh is a collection of interpretations and implementation by ruling (fatwas) of Islamic jurists (ualema) over the years.  Because of this process Fiqh is considered changeable and open to clarifications unlike Shariah which is immutable.

Collection of Fiqh is divided into various books and categories.

Purification, Prayers and Funerals

Book of Purification

  1. Types of Water
  2. Najasah and Purification From It
  3. Wudu
  4. Ghusl
  5. Tayammum

Book of Salah

  1. The Importance of Salah
  2. The Times of Salahs
  3. The Adhan
  4. Conditions of Salah
  5. The Fards, Wajibs and Sunnahs of Salah
  6. Masjids and Congregational Salahs
  7. Actions That Invalidate or are Disliked in Salah
  8. The Witr and Nafl Salahs
  9. Special Sajdahs
  10. The Salahs of the Traveller and Disabled
  11. Jumuah Salah
  12. Id Salahs
  13. Occasional Salahs

The Book of Funeral Salah

  1. Death
  2. Washing
  3. The Shroud
  4. The Funeral Salah
  5. Burial
  6. Shahid

Zakah, Fasting and Hajj

Book of Zakah

  1. Importance of Zakah
  2. The Obligation of Zakah
  3. The Types of Wealth
  4. The Expenditures from Zakah Funds
  5. The Payments of Zakah
  6. Sadaqat al-Fitr
  7. Voluntary Charity

Book of Fasting

  1. The Importance of Fasting
  2. The Sighting of the Moon
  3. A Description of Fasting
  4. Fasting of Ramadan
  5. Days When Fasting is Forbidden or Disliked
  6. What is Allowed During Fasting
  7. What Breaks the Fast
  8. The Night of al-Qadr
  9. Itikaaf: The Retreat

Book of Hajj

  1. Background and Importance
  2. Fards of the Hajj
  3. Wajibs of the Hajj
  4. Sunnahs of the Hajj
  5. A Description of the Hajj
  6. Types of Hajj
  7. Hajj or Umrah?
  8. Ihsar
  9. The Umrah
  10. Visiting Madina